You are Here: Stories that connect & transport

Creative Director, Producer, Exhibit Designer

You Are Here is a traveling exhibit that explores the diversity of Jewish communities across the globe through immersive storytelling, built in partnership with JDC Entwine. This 4 installation experience toured the U.S. in December 2017, hosting 450+ visitors in 4 nights. 

United States exhibit tour:

AJAX, Washington, DC: December 5, 2107 | Public Works, San Francisco, CA: December 11, 2107 | The Monk Space, Los Angeles, CA: December 14, 2107 | Bathhouse Studios, New York City: December 18, 2107

Lyka's Adventure

Creative Director & Tech Integration Lead, Digital Story Reboot

Lyka's Adventure is a multi-platform experience featuring Lyka, a curious, lovable, scrappy, odds-defying explorer. Her home planet, Ahmee, is dying, and there’s only one robot with a heart big enough to rescue it. Lyka, friend to all living creatures, sets off across the galaxy on a quest to find the answers that will save her home. Leaving behind everything she knows a In a high-octane race against time, she must explore all seven continents to find hidden symbols and unlock the knowledge they represent. Will she make it before Ahmee collapses and Lyka’s fellow robots are lost in space forever?

Empathy Lab

Cohort Member, Producer

The Empathy Lab is a joint effort between the Columbia University of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab, Refinery29 and an amazing group of changemakers. Together, we're working to accelerate empathy in 2017.