Building Storyworlds the art, craft and biz of storytelling in the 21st Century is an elective graduate course offered within the Film concentration in the School of the Arts at Columbia University. Developed over six years the course works to bring together students from diverse disciplines such as film, theater, business, visual arts and global thought.

Throughout the semester students experienced a variety of forms and functions of storytelling. Guest lectures by creative professionals and trips into the field provide front-row access to industry practice. Students work in teams to develop an immersive adaption of a Sherlock Holmes short story. Together students receive and apply design feedback and critique from experts and peers.

Over the course of the semester students expand their proficiencies in collaborative practice, rapid prototyping, critical analysis, application and iteration. Scripting for multiple platforms, creative technology, experience and interface design, market trends and strategy, business development, research and user testing, play theory and new media production.