Sunday, February 14, 2010

As a volunteer at the village I have the privilege to wear many hats. I am Art Enrichment Program coordinator, I work on the ASYV website, I am the English editor for the Informal Education department, I write grant proposals, I teach advanced ESL to the staff, and (drum roll please) the most oddly fitted hat that you will see atop my head reads: "Coach"! Yes, I coach our girls in the Futbol Enrichment Program! 

Did I grow up playing soccer? No. Did I have any knowledge of drills prior to accepting this position? No. Am I good at soccer? Sadly... no, I'm pretty uncoordinated feet/ball wise. So why am I a soccer coach?

The answer to that question is not only to give spectators a good laugh, but as a female athlete, I think it is important I stepped up. We want our girls to know that they can do anything they set their sights on. To have a female role-model teaching sports makes that goal seem a little more attainable. Luckily I have a strong support system of soccer enthusiasts to coach me. I do believe I'm learning, and I see with every drill and every scrimmage, their skill level increasing. My girls are unbelievably talented and AGGRESSIVE! They are not afraid to plow you down to get the ball and last practice I even had to send one girl to the clinic for a skinned knee after she dove to defend the goal (tear of a proud coach).  We will compete with outside teams and I think we are shaping up to be a pretty fierce adversary. My goal for the season is to instill a true sense of teamwork and love of the game, make exercise something they enjoy, and finally conceal as best I can how truly embarrassing my soccer skills are.