Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When I first arrived to Agahozo Shalom, somehow my name was transformed from Barrie to "Berra".  Even though it is spelled on every staff itinerary "Barrie" I am nevertheless known as "Berra" to many. In Rwanda it is hard to distinguish the accent between "R" and "L". For example, a girl in my family "Fabiola" goes by "Fabiora" (or that is at least how I hear it). So, the other day I was was walking to thevillage farm which is right next to the house of a girl named Bella. She and her friends came running to meet me, and still panting she exclaimed: "BERRA! WE SHARE THE NAME!" She was so excited I didn't have the heart to correct her. Since, of course, it has spread like wildfire and more than half of the kids now call me Bella! I've learned to tune my ear for it, and they are right, it does sound similar!