Friday, March 12, 2010

Really, it is quite the addiction: brightly-colored cloth. Shopping for fabric is an art that I am very close to mastering (maybe I can consider myself a brown belt). You must be able to isolate true beauty amidst a sea of spools.  For me, if I see a pattern that touches my soul and shakes my foundation, I am resolute in buying it then and there, otherwise, as I've experienced, you will dream about the "one that got away".  Even if you find the elusive fabric of your dreams you cannot under any circumstance lead on that it's THE ONE.  You must present an unaffected poker face in order to bargain it into your bag. This process takes unbelievable control, dedication, and precision. Many have not survived the stress of the hunt, become dizzy and fall into a coma of radiant patterned spots. If this is the case for you, my advice is to go with your gut, lead with your heart, maybe prep yourself with a rousing motivational speech before shopping, and if all else fails consult my personal shopping ad in the classifieds.